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Account opening terms

Thanks for choosing to open an account with Offshore Finance Group
To apply for an account online you must:
be above 20 years of age
have two forms of identification, either a Drivers Licence, International Passport or Medicare card. By opening an account and accepting the terms and conditions:
You are applying to become a customer of Offshore Finance Group. You acknowledge that a call may be made for payment of the customer subscription price by Offshore Finance Group at any time and you will have 14 days to satisfy that call. You acknowledge and agree that Offshore Finance Group may deduct £2 from your Offshore Finance Group account to satisfy any call. You acknowledge that if you attempt to pay the subscription price for your customer account, a call is made any funds received by Offshore Finance Group will be returned to you. You understand that if you become a member, you will be bound by the Constitution of Offshore Finance Group.
You are agreeing that you are authorised to provide personal information required to apply for a Offshore Finance Group account. You have read and agree to the Offshore Finance Group TERMS AND CONDITIONS, which includes consent to Offshore Finance Group verifying your identity electronically with document issuers.
You acknowledge any advice given is general advice and does not take into consideration your personal circumstances. You agree that Offshore Finance Group may contact you by phone, email, SMS and/or any other electronic form of communication regarding this application.