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Multi-Currency Offshore Account

A flexible multi-currency offshore account that supports your personal and business lifetime financial needs. For over 25 years, Offshore Finance Group has been assisting clients to establish and administer offshore and international bank accounts. By the very nature of our business we are exposed to a wide range of offshore banks and international banking activities and positioned to assist clients with advice based on the insights we have gained.

Benefits of Multi-Currency Offshore Account
Offshore Finance Group is not just an offshore bank, we are an international and offshore corporate and trust services provider. However, a significant percentage of the companies and trusts we administer establish accounts with international and offshore accounts rather than their domestic accounts because often their characteristics include:
Familiarity with offshore and international business
Worldwide investment and business perspective
Lack of foreign exchange controls.
Access to special investment opportunities

Will my money be safe in an Offshore Bank?

The factors to consider include:
The political and economic stability of the jurisdiction(s) in which a bank is head-quartered, located and regulated
Reputation and substance – Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s and Fitch rating reports are useful
Quality of regulation and access to deposit and investor protection and insurance schemes Parent company or similarly guarantees
The business focus of the bank

Lerwick Offshore banking
Lerwick Offshore banking


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