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Offshore Finance Group offer two types of account registrations;
Traditional Banking

Crypto currency wallet- To have your account setup to operate crypto coins

A safer way to bank

At Offshore Finance Group, we’re a different kind of bank; one that works to support our members because we’re owned by our members. Our philosophy is that by coming together, we’re stronger than we could ever be alone. We’ve found that banking products, like our members, are stronger and add more value when they work together
The things our members need - when buying a home, purchasing a new car, preparing for retirement, and more. Mix and match accounts and services to enjoy the benefit of choice, flexibility and reward for loyalty.
That's the power of Offshore Finance Group The choice is yours when it comes to managing your money too, thanks to our extensive range of access options such as online banking services, a local Contact Centre, 15 branches across the world, and free and convenient access to your money at all major Bank ATMs across world.

Customer Registration
Customer Registration